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More tasks for less costs. That's what More Tasks Solutions is about. Manual tasks that are critical for your business can be handled by us on those times that you need it. Eight hours and 30 minutes per standard shift, you determine on what time of day and which days in the week. We guarantee quality execution by dedicated people.

Online Operations

Every business requires rigorous effort on social media or the general internet. Be it data collection, research or search optimization, time and effort is required and it has to be done manually with proper business understanding.

Data Operations

Manual data operations are tedious but are very necessary for every business to run. We provide support so that you can give more time to more important business aspects and let us do the hectic job.

Support Operations

Every business needs back office support. Why spend your time, money and efforts on setting up a support team in your country when we offer the same at a much lower cost.

Analytics Operations

Business analysis is an important aspect of any business and company. We help you with formulating ways to improve business strategies, business operations and making smart business decisions to progress your company’s bottom line.

Welcome to MoreTasks. We are a passionate and dedicated task execution agency.

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